Sunday, November 6, 2011

October Bella Challenge - Holiday Crackers

I made 276 of the "Crackers" for the Spook Walk, also for a challenge on Bella Creations

Spook Walk 2011

Each year our Chamber of Commerce sponsors a Spook Walk down town for all the elemtary kids K-6 and and others litttle ones that are not in school I always enjoy participating and seeing all the customes, this year there were come really awesome ones.  I take Lyndlea and Jaxon around before the school kids get downtown, we met up with Snowwhite, Lyndlea was thrilled.. as you can see little Frankenstien gave out on me before we were done...

Lu's 1st time flying with Uncle "B"

As you can tell Lyndlea Belle has not a fear in the world, this was her first time to fly with Uncle B, in his airplane he and his Dad and a friend built. She loved everyminute of it,  if you listen she tells him to go upside down... oh she loves her Uncle B